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Свежее боевое применение Осы
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Reporters weren't scheduled to get Fisher on Thursday. We won't hear from him until Saturday.

We'll find out more on Stork's move to tackle then.

For now, I wouldn't suggest reading too far into the changes. They don't appear permanent. More than anything, it just appears trying Stork out at tackle was more an early-spring experiment. It had been hinted at previously, and for now at least, it just appears coaches are trying to be true to their words.

Stork's entire career has been all about being versatile. The senior has played tackle, guard and center at various times during it. As a result of that versatility and his ability, coaches feel comfortable putting him wherever <a href=http://www.balenciaga-outelts.com>Balenciaga on sale</a> they'd like. Now, none of this -- again, for now -- should be perceived as a knock to Hart. Again, we'll know more about the switch <a href=http://www.balenciaga-outelts.com>Balenciaga on sale</a> Saturday, but by all accounts from some of his teammates, Hart has begun coming along this winter and could be a real factor when the season begins.

Here are a couple of other highlights from the second spring session:

---Like they did during the spring-practice opener, the Seminoles on Thursday ran through punt coverage and protection fundamentals at the start of the session. They expect to do much more of that as an added emphasis this season will be put on net punting.

Fisher mentioned FSU's 107th ranking in net punting last season. For a team that could return punts well itself, that ranking clearly had Fisher embarrassed. Not to mention, the year before, the Seminoles led the nation in yards per punt due to the booming right foot of All-American Shawn Powell.

Part of FSU's net punting inefficiencies were the result of having a true freshman kicker last season. They also were the product of protection and blocking breakdowns.

Judging from early practices, cornerbacks Lamarcus Joyner and P.J. Williams are attempting to be the Seminoles' starting gunners. Linebacker Telvin Smith may be among those helping them race downfield on punts. Various rotations of three-man protection packages have already taken shape, too, with Giorgio Newberry, Derrick Mitchell and Ukeme Eligwe getting some time there. Kevin Haplea, Eddie Goldman and Dan Hicks also are working out on that team. In the past, the punter protection group has been a mix of one tight end, a defensive tackle and a linebacker.

---Assistant coaches Randy Sanders and Charles Kelly met with reporters after the practice. Sanders, who is coaching quarterbacks, said that <a href=http://www.alexanderwangoutlets.com>Alexander Wang bags</a> each of his four signal-callers who are competing for the No. 1 job have been mixing in with the first-string offense. He said he and Fisher want to see how each of them react to playing around the starting linemen and running backs and receivers.

During an open portion of Thursday's practice, current No. 3 quarterback Jameis Winston got under center with the rest of the starting offense. Among the plays that were run during a walk-through were zone reads.

Sanders said Winston has picked up the offense well. Junior Clint Trickett, the quarterback with the most experience of all of those competing, <a href=http://www.louisvuittonpascher2013.com>vuitton pas cher</a> clearly knows the system better than the others, Sanders added.

"The gears aren't turning as much" for Trickett when coaches are discussing the offense with him.

---Speaking of learning the offense, Sanders compared coming to FSU -- this is only his third stop since the coaching vet began working -- as the new quarterbacks coach to learning a foreign language.

In high school, he took three years of Spanish, he said. When coaches change schools and learn new schemes, they have a base understanding of what's going on because offenses don't change. The plays translate across coaching trees and schools. What does change is the terminology.

He's being immersed in learning new terminology specific to Fisher's offensive scheme right now.

But instead of re-learning this foreign language in a classroom, "right now I feel like I'm in Spain," Sanders said. The learning process has been steep, and it has been challenging for coaches, too. He believes he's adapting well, though.

---One more pertinent note to pass along: early enrollee DeMarcus Walker still was unavailable for FSU's practice Thursday. On Wednesday, Fisher told reporters the true freshman had an issue with a class that the Clearinghouse wanted to check on before he could work out with the team. Walker was on the practice fields, but did not compete for a second straight day.

---FSU athletics director Randy Spetman also was out at the practice, taking in part of the afternoon's festivities. At one point during team stretching, Trickett jogged over and out of line to say hello and shake Spetman's hand.


Those are all of the observations we'll post from Thursday's session. Check back for more observations Saturday. In the meantime, take a look <a href=http://www.2013saclouisvuitton.com/27-portefeuilles-louis-vuitton>Portefeuilles Louis Vuitton</a> at our daily features from spring practice on our Seminoles page and the front of our Sports website.

Today, we have a. The Telvin and Vince Show is no more. Now, he's the MLB headliner, a solo act.

Email me at , and follow on Twitter at .
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