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Травматическое оружие в России:обзор моделей
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</h1>Ten thousand Mount of God, shock the monstrous flame ', such as the vast expanse of water in the rough.

Fan Ye lettering in the void, Po phase solemn nine mysterious text of the ancient Great emerge suddenly Ding closer ties.

One of the <strong><a href=http://toryburchoutletsua.webs.com>tory burch outlet online</a>
</strong> gods, his eyebrows formed a small lake that Wang golden fly out, such as cast gold and bright, a close look exactly the same with him.

Fan Ye do everything we can the secretly Yunzhan are word secret, all of a sudden this statue as a god golden gods strong tenfold!

The golden gods rotten eye-catching, it is his own constant evolution, sit cross-legged before the eyebrows, hook dynamic Avenue, connected with their own tripod.


Suddenly, the mother of all things gas surging, were drawn down from the Tower, an ancient tripod irresistible fly out.

The mother of all things gas Ding! Many people cried, while Reach arrested.

The golden eyebrows Fan Ye gods, sky and shouts, powerful spiritual coercion, swept the Octagon, quaint tripod such <h2><a href=http://toryburchoutletsua.webs.com>tory burch outlet</a>
</h2> as by luring moment to fly back, just hanging over his head, were drawn under ten thousand female gas, Cecil strands heavy as a mountain, his care in the inside.

This tripod would not let him away! Jiang Yichen shouting in the distance.

Now, instead, he said, many people sealed the ten ready to hand snatch.

Six brother What do you mean? Jiang Yi-cold voice asked and Jiang Rui confrontation.

The Jiuye progenitor stepped forward, said: Six brother, you <strong><a href=http://toryburchoutletsua.webs.com>tory burch outlet store</a>
</strong> really want to condone them, this is not your style.

Jiang Rui look cold, glancing at both of them, and then fixed on the not far from the Fan Ye, looked at his head and a small tripod.

The mother of all things gas were drawn, each can be collapsed under a mountain, heavy as a mountain, for the world the most dilute Jane cents matter, no one can calm relative.

Ye Fan regain his tripod, and that excitement, this is the thing of his sermon, if lost, will be blocking him forward.

Jiang Yi brother, so why should you?

At this point, a clear voice, not far from a mountain on a purple man, walking step by step.

He appears to be nothing about thirty Black Rubao, eyes like Star deep, innate wave of imperial majesty, have a show of hands lifted as if the unity of heaven and earth.

13, old Jiang Yi gaze.

Jiang Yi brother, seems today that you want to block me, it inevitably a war? The purple man Mouguang such as electricity.

True if this tripod is you, do we not want to stay? Large black dog clamor Road: You have the ability to truncate the corner of the Great array pattern to give it a try!

Checkerboard array pattern flashing, flickering, readily crossed the away.

This tripod I jiangjia to destined, when my family holy soldiers, stay here. The purple man Jiang Chuan look to Fan Ye, like no doubt.

Yuehua Jian, distant mysterious array pattern emerges, Sky transection, magnificent, breathtaking.

Black King changed color, said: Great HengYu corner of the array pattern!

Yes, you can cross the <a href=http://www.toryburchsummeroutlet.com>tory burch tote</a>
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</h1>Morning to look away, mouth hint of sneer.

Fan Ye heart suddenly a move, the other why this is so, is it what not?

Soon And they came to the haze Cave, Fangfeng Qing Valley Tsui, misty smoke, Rays looming, is indeed consistent with its name.

Who break I sent powerhouse? Heard from in front Sheng.

Bang bang bang

To those prisoners was arrested, all were thrown out and suddenly screams coming from in front of.

Enemy of the invading! The haze Cave while chaos.

Suddenly, the sky was hazy, Road pattern carved on the mountains and the earth play a <h2><a href=http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/18.xml>http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/18.xml</a>
</h2> powerful, washed from a Road blazing God-hui, stop the path of the crowd.

But that's it, I broke open it. In this case, the look of haughty young Jiang Yichen suddenly shot, the body flying out of a purple hyacinth, purple beginnings, quickly zoom in the sky, like a whale suction cattle drink, all haze toward the mouth of the gourd to absorb. Put that road pattern in the blink of an eye the power to suppress it.

Then, like a hill of purple hyacinth generally forward pressure drop away, transfer misty purple haze, suddenly came the waves of screams, a lot of shadows inverted into the sky, to be incorporated into the purple hyacinth.

Fan Ye hearts surprised, think of purple hyacinth is so powerful, the protection of the haze Cave Hill pattern easily get rid of, it is collected into a lot of monks, it is something to fear.

The remote antiquity family heritage is too strong, this is just a sixteen-year-old boy, he gave such a terrible treasures, Fan Ye mind whispered.

Not so, ginger old man in the next constantly discouraged.

Jiang Yifei shook his head and said: Ting-Ting's <strong><a href=http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/19.xml>http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/19.xml</a>
</strong> parents were not evil, he was persecuted, you want to have a say, we jiangjia never afraid of things!


At this point, the haze Cave a powerful wave shock to the Quartet, slid the purple hyacinth, a hoarse voice: the original remote antiquity family, <strong><a href=http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/20.xml>http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/20.xml</a>
</strong> I do not know what offended at my haze Cave? The arrival of the 80 chapters crisis

Hazy Cave, there is a fog red, the purple hyacinth suddenly burst open, and detained there, so that it can not continue to swallow the monks received.

A gray shadow track quickly rushed over, This is a hard to see the elderly aged, white hair, but his face is very red, can be described as hale and hearty, said: Gentlemen, please. Pacified him directly pushed over the purple hyacinth, Jiang Yichen snorted, put away their treasures.

You are who? Jiang Yifei asked.

Decrepit but haze Cave's head.

No wonder there are so strength, can suppress the purple hyacinth. Jiang Yifei nodded and said: But I'm afraid you still difficult to stop us.

Yes, the decrepit understand. Haze Cave head frankly admitted, and then continue opening said: I do not know if it was hazy Cave in the end what offended you so scaled, if this is really a great sin, I would like to dissolve the haze Cave, let disposal.

Huiyi old man very frank, in fact, he is forced, really ancient family with a shortage, haze the Cave is bound fast <a href=http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/21.xml>http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/21.xml</a>
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</h1>Lu crow, bristle, relying on black-winged Kam gold mirror out, <h2><a href=http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/6.xml>http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/6.xml</a>
</h2> carrying nine gold ancestor of the black body of law, the sky and shouts, hate like mad.

The lunar Son of God got the news, just sneer again and again, looking forward in the direction of the sea, covered by black fog Ray drowned, only a pair of terrible eye is visible.

The three missing Taoist based offerings Ridge stood before the ancient concept of longevity, even walking nine steps handheld half-page gods frown study of ancient classics.

The Dian, Moon Palace, Ziwei God toward longevity view all forces are all concerned about the world are moving!

The people of the world to talk about Ye Fan, his body in the North Sea, also did not come back, we can imagine what will be the monstrous waves!

A Huaxiangniaoyu island, the Terran Shenghuang last blood that five-year-old children, standing in a pine forest, is a tree squirrel speak.

I'm thinking of my father, I think the mother wants brother, like sister, but they were not, you want your loved ones?

The little squirrel how could understand his words, holding a pinecone, rub bang ran away.

Wong only the descendants of innocent children, they go to the next at a bird to speak against the tree, said: Never government how far? Father, always <strong><a href=http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/7.xml>http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/7.xml</a>
</strong> silently protect me in the future in When? sister, will appear in the future, but also to see me.

Talking, immature children and big eyes red, his head down and said: I know they do not appear, and Jiang Bo, to protect me,

The tree the bird flew away, this poor child again to the pine forest went deep to see a fall the injured butterfly on wildflowers, whispered: Why do you hurt I would like Jiang Bo-,

Ye drunk in the pine forest, quietly watching all this, he did not hurry to leave the North Sea, but with the children relax on Block Island, wanted him to early adjustment over.

These days, children are lost and silence, each time when no one will speak, talking to small animals, red eyes back every time.

Your parents, your sister, I hope you happy you Jiang Bo Zexi of hope that you can grow up in peace, and then bloom Terran Holy Queen should glory.

But, I want them to. The child from his head down, the first time a dialogue with Fan Ye.

Fan Ye did not say anything, he could not go to record wins relies on a sense of a young child, think it is thought, can not be avoided, such as adult can not be forced to cut as was a period of painful memories, this is a most innocent little children, no impurities mood.

I know what to do, I will slowly change for the better, no longer crying. Hitomi Soga red with big eyes said.

Six days later, the children take the <strong><a href=http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/8.xml>http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/8.xml</a>
</strong> initiative to Fan Ye opening, he taught the practice, although he will be in a place where no red with big eyes and small animals himself, but now it no longer tears.

Fan Ye checking his body, the child had suffered very serious injuries, Wu family shoot almost rotten body, but tenacious survived, in accordance with traditional illnesses.

In the body, such as a sun <a href=http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/9.xml>http://www.canadagoosesolds.fr/rss1/9.xml</a>
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В чем дело, вы хороший писатель , я люблю ваш сайт
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