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Выпуск пилотной партии резинострела "Оса-Эгида"
newwaveДата: Вторник, 19 Сентябрь 2006, 17.04 | Сообщение # 1
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gk (представитель производителя)
posted 25-8-2006 16:43
Пилотную партию Egide выпустим в продажу не позднее середины сентября с.г.


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Jiang Zhe old man power parameters of good fortune, how died fifty years ago? Jiang Yifei somewhat puzzled.

Cough a lot of blood when he died. Jiang came to revisit the past, and not too sad, some things will fade away over time.

So. Jiang Yifei did not say anything, just nodded his head, which he seems to understand hidden secrets.

Next to a beautiful girl named Jiang Caixuan, graceful posture, neck Qianxiu, Rong Yan Qingli, As the Miss Jiang Jiade, showing temperament, gives a feeling of one unattainable.

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The air of haughty boy named Jiang Yichen to know ginger old man with small Tingting identity, but does not matter how warm, still a cool look.

Jiang Caixuan forward, clear and pleasant voice, said: elderly people with us back jiangjia, my grandfather said, the jiangjia sorry you this vein, the case must find a, you go back.

Well, you say that I do not know about your lives too far away from me, we are two people in the world I'm used to everything here. Ginger man is an ordinary elderly, live so much age, experienced a lot of things, he felt unable to integrate into a kind of family, verbally declined.

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You will Tingting take it away, I have become accustomed to life here, do not want to go elsewhere.

Small Tingting immediately clinging to the old man's arm, said: Grandpa, Grandpa where Tingting where.

At this time, Jiang Yifei exposed gentle smile, he seemed to enjoy the small Tingting, touched the head of the small Tingting, said: The sky here is too small,

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